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Come for the barbells and stay for the BBQ.


We are inviting Olympic Weightlifting athletes from the Jacksonville area that would like to test their max Olympic lifts (Snatch and Clean & Jerk).


The Lift-Off will begin at 9:00AM and will last for approximately 2 hours. Athletes will have this time to test their 1RM Snatch and Clean & Jerk. The Snatch sessions will run from 9:00AM and will last for approximately 1 hour. The Clean & Jerk session will begin at 10:00AM and will also run for 1 hour. At 11:00AM the lift-off is over.

Trophy's will be awarded to the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd strongest athletes based on a calculated ROBI score (Age, Weight Class, and Total).


The only requirement to competing in the Lift-off is that the athlete has some Olympic Weightlifting experience in both lifts. Some coaching can and may be given if it will benefit the athlete.


For those that wish to participate in the HIIT and Beginner weightlifting, classes will be held from 8:00-9:00AM. This is the perfect time for anyone that would like to bring a friend to try either class for free.


We'll kick of the BBQ at 12:00PM. It will be a Potluck style BBQ, so if you plan on attending please bring your favorite dish to share. Protein will be provided. BYOB.


A prize will also be awarded for Most Patriotic male and female dress.

Finally, for athletes that would like to participate in the Lift-Off, we are accepting donations instead of registration fees. All donations are going to help fund Caden Cahoy's trip to Youth Worlds in September.


Space is limited for the Lift-off to 20 Athletes. PM me to reserve a spot.

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