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Our Team

Jacksonville Strength is not just a gym, it is a place of excellence that has produced some of the top athletes in the country. Our elite athletes have made a name for themselves through hard work and dedication. They know that building sustainable physical and mental strength requires making healthy lifestyle choices. We take pride in the success of our athletes and are committed to providing the same level of support, coaching, and resources to anyone who walks through our doors.

Caden Cahoy

Caden Cahoy

Team USA Athlete

Kailey Papas

Kailey Papas

Team USA Athlete


Junior PanAmerican

2024: youth 59kg - bronze Snatch

USAW Nationals:
2020: youth 59kg - gold Snatch, bronze C&J
2022: youth 59kg - gold Snatch and C&J

2023: junior 59kg - silver Snatch, bronze C&J

USAW FL State Championship:

2018: youth 49kg - 1st place

2019: youth 55kg - 3rd place

2020: youth 59kg - 1st place

2022: youth 59kg - 1st place

2023: junior 59kg - 1st place

2024: junior 59kg - 1st place

AO Finals:

2022: youth 59kg - 1st place
2023: junior 59kg - 3rd place


Arnold Sports Festival:

2024: junior 59kg - 2nd place


2022: 129lb snatch runner-up
2023: 139
lb state champion (Olympic and traditional)



2023: 139lb All-Star champion

Analee Seek

Analee Seek

Youth Champion

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