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Our Story

Jacksonville Strength LLC is committed to challenging and changing body and mind.  Training is hard.  It takes time, commitment, self-dedication, and soreness.  But strength training is not just, nor should it be just a hobby, but a way of life. I founded my gym to be the premier Strength and Olympic Weightlifting training facility in Jacksonville, FL and surrounding areas.  You don't have to be an Olympian to train with us.  Whether you lift weights everyday, play a sport, or just want to be STRONG and you’ve never stepped into a strength gym before, Jacksonville Strength can help shape the new you. We want to be your next training partner. Call us today!

Join a Class

At Jacksonville Strength, I’ve designed a number of classes for people at all levels. If you want to go far, I’ll get you there.  If you just want to lose weight and keep active, I have the class for you. Pick and choose the classes that you like and when it best fits your schedule. Step out of your comfort zone, push yourself, and discover your athletic potential.  Book your spot now.

Beginner Olympic Weightlifting

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Beginner Olympic Weightlifting classes are designed to improve any athlete's core to extremity strength and power that transfers directly into any sport.  I provide coaching that emphasizes body awareness, muscle engagement, technique and positioning.  Whether you're lifting to get stronger or lifting to improve explosive power for sports, this class will give you the fundamental skills needed for weightlifting.

High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)


Whether you are a strength or endurance athlete, HIIT is an amazing science based fitness modality that is proven to benefit any athlete.  HIIT increases strength, power, stamina, energy, flexibility, heart health, cardiovascular health, functional ability, bone density, and overall wellness. This program is designed for and can be modified to any and all ability levels.

Advanced Olympic Weightlifting


Athletic Performance


One-on-One or Small Group Personal Training

Personal training is the most effective way to reach your fitness goals. I will work one on one with you and/or a friend to keep you motivated and educated while you focus on your goal. I have a wide range of personal training tools such as Flexibility Training, Weight Training, and Core Training.  Personal Training is provided upon request and scheduling.  Each Personal Training client will be given a Body and Physical Abilities assessment.   This allows the trainer to custom tailor any workout style or routine to the client.  Any style of training provided by Jacksonville Strength & Athletics LLC is available for Personal Training options (i.e. Prehab, Post-Rehab, Athletic performance, Olympic Weightlifting, HIIT, and Bootcamp).

Personal Trainer Stretching Session

Flexibility Training

Join me for an hour of unique exercises to tighten and strengthen your body. This type of training allows for a wide variety of exercises that works every muscle group. Flexibility Training will improve all fitness areas by emphasizing coordination, balance and core strength.

Weight Lifting

Weight Training

Use me as a personal coach as you begin a journey to get faster, stronger and healthier. Weight Training is suitable for everyone at any kind of fitness level. It is an excellent training program, taking advantage of the body’s natural movements. Don’t hesitate to start today!

Core Exercise

Core Training

Strengthen and tone your body by me to coach you proper form and different fitness routines. This will help to improve endurance, build muscle mass, rev up your metabolism and develop maximum strength. Your beach body will thank you.

Advanced Olympic Weightlifting classes are designed to take your weightlifting strength and skill to the next level.  I provide coaching that emphasizes body awareness, muscle engagement, technique, and positioning.  Programming and workouts are intense and require some experience with olympic lifts.  This class will prepare you for competition in Olympic Weightlifting or any power sport.

Sports Performance training focuses on building a strong and solid base .  Whether it be football, basketball, baseball, volleyball, lacrosse, soccer, etc., this training program will improve the athletes overall Mobility, Power, and Strength.  Workouts vary between upper body, lower body, and core power, strength and stability.  Exercises include full body warm-ups and dynamic stretches; basic strength movements such as squats, deadlifts and presses; and power movements such as power lifts (cleans, jerks, snatches) and plyometric (explosive) movements.   

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